Glasses Gal

Happy second week of 2019! I'm making good on my intention to bring blog posts your way every week.

Today my sister and her friend were kind enough to go out and take some photos of me. As I got ready, I realized that I've never posted photos on my blog or recently on my Instagram of me in my glasses. This my friends is just wrong because I AM A GLASSES GAL!

While you may not see it on my social media, in my day to day life I wear glasses quite often. I choose my glasses when my eyes are tired or when I'm just too lazy to put contacts in. Ever since getting glasses in seventh grade, I've also come to love the classy spin they can put on any outfit.

The glasses pictured are brand spankin' new and I haven't stopped wearing them since the moment I got them. Thus, I figured they would make the perfect star for this post. And just know, I'll be sure they make regular appearances here and on Instagram because I'm definitely going to keep wearing them.

I've come to describe my first pair of glasses from seventh grade as "librarian glasses." Don't get me wrong, I love the library and my Mom impressed upon me the importance of a love for reading. However, my style quickly evolved past small thin frames. When I reached 10th grade I got to upgrade to a bronze pair of Coach frames that were larger and more rounded. I was so beyond excited about these new glasses and I loyally wore them for close to six years. Upon returning home for winter break this year I began looking into new glasses to add to my repertoire.

It didn't take long for me to once again fall in love with another pair of Coach frames from LensCrafters. Their large size, tortoise color, and lack of nose pads (since my other glasses do have them) stood out to me. After making the purchase, I eagerly awaited the phone call that would notify me that I could pick up my finished glasses. I'm looking forward to bringing these glasses back to school with me and alternating them with my other Coach pair as an additional "accessory" option.

I love how my glasses elevated the sophistication of this outfit. For glasses and outfit information, see below these photos.

Glasses: LensCrafters | Tweed Blazer: Kohl's | Blouse: old

Jeans: American Eagle | Booties: Target

Thank you so much for stopping by! I love getting to share my life with you all through my blog so thank you for supporting. Come back later this week for another post and to learn what my intended posting schedule will be for this spring semester. See you soon!


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