My College Bedroom: Bedding & Decor

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you've had some time to relax and catch back up with the world. I spent most of the day relaxing alongside friends and cheering on my favorite teams. It is officially football season and I am more than excited!

As the semester progresses, my apartment bedroom is beginning to feel more and more like home. I look forward to coming home from classes or my internship, kicking my shoes off, and studying while cozy in my bed. Today, I wanted to continue sharing details on this room with you by focusing on my bedding and above-headboard decor.

Our apartment came fully furnished and while it might seem silly, one of my favorite parts is simply the fact that I have a full-sized bed! I've only ever had a twin bed so a bedding refresh was required for this year. The last two years I've used the same Pottery Barn Teen monogrammed duvet cover that was navy and white. While I loved this bedding, when looking for something new, I decided to look for something that still featured my favorite color, but would be more long-lasting. The Asher Medallion Duvet Cover in Twilight from Pottery Barn was the perfect match.

Bedding Details: Duvet Cover | Striped Pillow Sham| Monogrammed Pillow Sham |

Decorative Pillows- OLD

After setting everything up, I can confidently say that I love this bedding. It adds color and pattern to the room and is very "me." Additionally, it is holding up extremely well. To add comfort and visual interest, I layered tons of pillows on top of the bed and a navy plush blanket at the end of the bed. I have already spent plenty of hours studying and relaxing in my bed. The sheets, duvet, and pillows make it a cozy escape.

The furnishings also included a side table and a lamp. I decorated the side table with a stack of colorful and informative fashion books that I've collected over the years, and a candle. I also keep my glasses and other essentials on top or in its drawers.

Decor Details: Hangers | Command Hooks

To decorate the area above my headboard, I decided to repurpose decor from last year. You can see the display in my living room from last year HERE. Since I now share my living room with my roommates, I figured it would be perfect to use the decor in this new blank space. Not to mention that this decor totally fits my personality and interests. I plan on changing out the magazines over time and as I get new ones while working at Meredith and Better Homes & Gardens.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse further into my college bedroom. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future posts! I'm eager to bring more new and engaging content your way. Have a great rest of your weekend!


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