My College Bedroom: Inspiration Wall

Happy Monday and happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you have gotten some time to relax this holiday weekend. I am definitely enjoying my day off of school. We may only be two weeks into the semester, but I already needed a day off :)

Last week I posted a poll on my Instagram asking if anyone would be interested in seeing content on my apartment, and the answer was a resounding yes. I recently started my junior year of college at Iowa State University and with this, I moved into a new apartment. I am so beyond excited to be living with three of my closest friends. Additionally, it has been SO much fun decorating this new space to fit my personality, my style, and my life. This week I will be sharing posts on different parts of my bedroom for this year.

Today I wanted to share my inspiration wall. Although the spot is small, my inspiration wall is one of my favorite parts of my room. I love that this wall is a reflection of who I am, my fashion, my goals, and my values. Be sure to look through the photos below and read more about how this wall came together.

When I began decorating my room I immediately hung up my whiteboard calendar behind my door. I used this calendar last year as well and it was a great additional form of organization to keep myself on track and let others know my schedule. I purchased the calendar at WalMart but you can purchase one HERE.

As you may or may not know, I absolutely love Pinterest. I appreciate the way it allows me to collect my thoughts, inspiration, dreams, and more all in one place. For a long time I have dreamed of having my own inspiration wall, so this summer I began saving photos that inspired me to a Pinterest board. By the end of the summer I had a compilation of between forty and fifty photos. If you want to see any of these images up close or print them out for yourself, you can find my designated Pinterest board HERE. When I printed out other photos of family and friends, I saved and uploaded the photos from my board as well.

The final step was finding the perfect place for my inspiration wall and arranging the photos in a way pleasing to the eye. With my calendar already up, I recognized that the white space around it would be the ideal place for my photos. With it somewhat hidden behind my door, visitors can't see the entire thing. But when I want to be inspired by the photos or remind myself of my schedule, I can simply close my door. Arranging the photos in the "right" way was difficult, but by laying all of the photos out on my floor I gained a better idea of what I had and what would look good together. The fashion shots, advertising images, quotes, and product photos ended up looking so good together. I just stuck two rolls of tape behind each photo and they've continued to stay up.

I am so beyond happy with how my inspiration wall looks. I know that it will bring me joy and keep me inspired throughout the year. I am already looking forward to continuously updating it and re-installing it in my next college home. As for now, make sure to stay tuned for more apartment content this week. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog, I can't explain how much it means to me!


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