Windows Down Summer Playlist

Although summer is winding down for me and I will soon return to Iowa State, the season still has quite a few weeks left and this playlist is too good not to share! If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE music. I can't drive in the car or work on homework without music playing and I quickly catch on to songs and lyrics.

As summer began, I decided to cultivate a playlist differently than I usually do. Usually I just listen for songs that I like, including popular of-the-moment songs, and immediately add them to my playlist to listen to over and over again. Instead, I decided to choose songs based on a specific "vibe" or occasion. Since I utilize music most when in the car, I thought the ideal "vibe" would be summer songs I could see myself jamming out to while riding in my car with the windows down. This allowed me to revive songs that are past favorites and combine them with eclectic new songs I found. Some trendy pop songs did make their way into this playlist, but overall I'm extremely happy with it (the girls I nanny approve of it also)! I continue to add songs as I find them and subtract songs as I grow tired of them.

I hope that you enjoy this playlist or at least find a song or two to add to your playlist! I know that I am going to carry quite a few of these songs over to my next playlist because they're that good! You can peruse the playlist using the graphic below or hit the icon in the top right of it to view it in Spotify.

A little about three of my favorite songs currently: These songs are upbeat, catchy, and are just absolute jams.

Superlove (feat. Oh Wonder) | Whethan

Brooklyn In The Summer | Aloe Blacc

Take It Back | Jef Miles, Dom Fricot

Thanks for reading and hopefully listening! See you in the next blog post!


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