We Went to WACO, TX! [Day 2 & 3]

Welcome back to Madison From Madison! Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit and read my blog. I'm so excited to be sharing more about out trip to Waco in May. Sorry this is coming to you later than I had intended, I didn't manage to post while on my family's vacation. However, I have multiple posts in the works for these next weeks. As for now, keep reading for all the details on day 2 and 3.

DAY 2:

Chip and Joanna just recently opened their restaurant, Magnolia Table, so we knew we definitely had to try it out. We decided on brunch because like all the other Waco destinations, Magnolia Table tends to be busy, so we didn't want to hit a rush. We dressed up and only had to wait 10 minutes before our table was ready. The food was DELICIOUS! We both got coffees and then I got a pancake breakfast and Morgan got a french toast meal. We spent the rest of the day exploring other shops in Waco, riding the city trolley, getting Slurpees at 7-11 (because it was crazy hot), and relaxing.

All things Magnolia Table. ↓

Exploring Waco. We visited The Findery and Spice Village, two iconic places in Waco for shopping. There was a ton of furniture and decor, so if you're currently decorating, save your shopping for while you're in Waco! ↓

Something you should know about me is I love Marvel movies. Neither my sister nor I had seen Avengers Infinity War before traveling to Waco and because of the heat there, we decided to spend our night at a local movie theater finally seeing the movie. It was amazing and so fun to see with my sister. ↓

DAY 3:

Our final day in Waco allowed us to check off some miscellaneous sites from our to-see list. Baylor University was a short drive from our place in Waco and from researching I knew that one of Chip and Jo's favorite coffee shops, Common Ground, was right on the edge of campus. Needless to say, we started our morning off by some delicious coffee in the shop's unique atmosphere. We then headed to Cameron Park which was a beautiful place to walk around and hike. We finished our day with a visit to the Waco suspension bridge and some relaxation.

Cameron Park ↓

Our final days in Waco were wonderful. Both my sister and I agreed that it was amazing to be able to check Waco and Magnolia off our lists, but besides what we did, there wasn't a ton to do. We ended up staying in most nights, but we were ok with that considering the heat. Let me know if you are interested in more information, or you want an additional post with all my tips for a trip to Waco and Magnolia.

We ended up driving the entire way home the following day and filled the car ride with conversations, food, and jamming out to good music. I hope you enjoyed this post and a look further into our trip. As I mentioned at the beginning , I have tons of other posts in the works that will be published soon, so you'll definitely want to stay tuned. Thanks for everything!


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