We Went to WACO, TX! [Day 1]

As a college student I can officially say that it is finally summer! After moving all of my things back home, I spent the first two weeks of my summer break taking two trips. Only days after returning from a camping trip with friends from Iowa State, I departed for a trip with my sister!

Early in the spring semester, my sister and I started dreaming up plans for a sister trip. We were eager to spend time together after months apart for college. Morgan and I have long been fans of the show Fixer Upper, so Waco, TX has always been a destination on both of our lists. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Fixer Upper, it is an HGTV show that features Chip and Joanna Gaines as they reconstruct and redesign homes in Waco. They have developed attractions including a marketplace, a bakery, and a restaurant for people to visit in addition to the sites and scenes of Waco. We researched a ton and eventually made a complete itinerary and list of to-dos. We presented our ideas to our parents who thankfully approved! Our plans soon became a reality!

In no time, we were packing up the car and Waco-bound. We decided to drive there because we wanted to keep this trip as affordable as possible. Additionally, this gave us time to catch-up, relax, and jam out to Spotify playlists. On the way there we took a day and a half to drive and stayed overnight at a hotel along the way. Following a half day of driving, we finally made it to Waco! This post will detail what we did on the first day of our adventure in Waco complete with photos as well as a little about where we stayed. I hope you enjoy!

DAY 1:

We decided to spend our first afternoon in Waco at the Magnolia Market. This amazing location includes a home decor and souvenir shop, a bakery, a seed shop, food trucks, and a large green space for relaxation and fun. The rest of the afternoon was spent taking in all of the sights, taking tons of pictures, and relaxing on the green.

The Magnolia storefront. We made sure to pick up t-shirts!

We left our mark by signing the Magnolia Market guest book!

Magnolia Seed + Supply

The Magnolia Bakery. I had the most delicious chocolate cupcake covered in vanilla frosting. We lucked out and had nearly no wait which is unheard of. We had just the right amount of time to select our cupcake before getting to the counter.

We made sure to capture lots of amazing photos! There were tons of fun and aesthetically pleasing photo locations. Take the time to explore! ↓

After our packed day, we were exhausted! We finally made our way to our Airbnb which was extremely close to all the action. Morgan had found a family whose house was featured on an episode of Fixer Upper through a connection at school and coincidentally, the family listed their backyard bungalow (guest house) for rent. This sweet little house ended up being the perfect home-away-from-home. Because of the high temperatures, we often retreated to the house for the afternoons/nights. It was amazing! We even utilized the kitchen and brought things to make dinner so we could cut down on costs. Sadly the family is moving so the house is on the market, but the Airbnb may be passed to the next family! If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me.

Our first day in Waco was truly amazing! The entire trip left us with so many fun memories. It's safe to say that another sister trip will have to be in the works extremely soon. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our trip. The next post detailing the other two days of our trip will be up early next week, so be on the look out! As always, thanks for reading!


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