A Day in My Life

Happy fall and happy Friday! I have been seriously lacking on blogposts these last couple of weeks. It seems as if the days are passing too fast to allow me to catch up. Nonetheless, I did an Instagram Poll a week or two ago asking if you preferred style or lifestyle posts and the resounding answer was lifestyle. I figured, what better way to write a lifestyle post than to detail a day in my life?

Today my day isn't very busy and yesterday I spent most of the day at work so I am describing Wednesday, October 18th.


My alarm goes off and I grudgingly get out of bed to begin getting ready. I spend a couple of minutes checking my emails and social media.


I finish getting dressed and start doing my makeup and hair for the day. I put in my contacts (fun fact- I wear glasses and contacts) and put on my Kate Spade watch, pearl studs, and monogram necklace.


I pack my lunch because I'll be on campus all day. I pack chicken wild-rice soup leftovers from my trip home this past weekend as my main meal. This is one of my favorite meals and my mom made it especially for me since I was returning home. I also pack celery with almond butter and some strawberries.


I leave my apartment and drive to Iowa State University's large commuter lot. There I will take the campus bus to my first class! I spend the bus ride listening to music and flipping through Quizlet to study for my test.


My first class, FS HN 167: Introduction to Human Nutrition, begins. Today in this course we have our second exam. Thankfully, I had studied a lot so the exam wasn't that difficult. I took this course to fulfill one of my general education science requirements but it has actually been very interesting. I enjoy learning about nutrition and the human body and the information has allowed me to evaluate my own diet.


I finish my exam and head straight to Caribou Coffee. I hadn't had time to make myself coffee before leaving my apartment so coffee is a must. I order a Medium Caramel Latte which has become my usual recently. I get my drink and find a table to study at. I spend the time before my next class studying and getting homework done. I absolutely love studying in coffee shops. The quiet commotion is the perfect atmosphere for me because I need some background noise.


I meet with my friend and classmate to prepare for some quizzes we have at the beginning of our class. One of these is a news quiz. We have a news quiz in this journalism class every week. To prepare we scan the news and find what we deem is the most important or newsworthy.


My JL MC 302: Intermediate Writing & Reporting for Mass Media course begins. We take two quizzes and have a news meeting to discuss our story ideas. This course has been pretty difficult as each week I have to write a story on my "beat" or topic. The beat I chose is housing and for each story I have to have three sources. However, the skills and information I am learning are very beneficial.


My class ends and I head to the library to man a table publicizing Iowa State's Homecoming. I am currently a member of CySquad. As a member of this group I get to help with the planning and execution of Homecoming 2017 and specifically I've been helping with the public relations. Yesterday I helped sell Food on Campus buttons to students. For $5, these buttons allow students to eat 7 delicious catered meals during the week of Homecoming.


I head to the building where my next class takes place. I eat my lunch late (I had trouble finding a microwave to heat up my soup all day) and finish some studying while I wait.


My STATS 101: Introduction to Statistics course begins. One thing you should know about me is that I am not a math brain, I prefer to write or be creative. Statistics is the only math course I have to take for my journalism degree and I have been surviving. I am excited for the course to be done and out of the way though!


I take the bus to my meeting for Fraternal Values Society. This is a group of fraternity and sorority members who are devoted to learning, upholding and educating others on the values of the community. I have been able to meet a ton of amazing members of the Greek community since I became a member last spring and the activities we do have real applications in our lives.


I leave campus and go back to my apartment. I make dinner for myself and get started on some homework before I have to leave to go to Alpha Delta Pi for our first day of initiation.


Our first initiation ceremony begins. Wednesday marked the start of "Diamond Days" or what Alpha Delta Pi calls initiation. It lasts from Wednesday until Friday. It has been so fun because I get to go through it as a sponsor for my amazing little Megan. I can't wait for her to be officially an initiated member after tonight!


I spend some time talking with some friends about housing for next year. It's crazy, but we already have to think about and sign contracts for where we will live next year. I am already looking forward to living with some amazing friends in an awesome apartment next year. I'll keep you posted on what it will look like.


I return to my apartment for the night. I have some serious homework to finish including an article for my journalism course, research for my apparel merchandising class and review for a statistics test next week. Not to mention, yesterday Homecoming 2017 began at Iowa State University and tomorrow I get to go to the Salt Company Fall Retreat (one of my favorite events of the whole year). I'm going to be extremely busy for the next week or so but I wouldn't have it any other way!

As you can see, life has been just a little busy :) The wonderful thing is that I truly enjoy everything I'm doing. I see the benefit of each activity or opportunity. Sometimes it just leads to me running around all day!


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