What's New: September 9

Happy Saturday! It is game day here in Ames and it's no ordinary game day. Today the Iowa State Cyclones play the Iowa Hawkeyes at Jack Trice Stadium. Needless to say, people have flocked from all over to see these rivals face off. I am looking forward to experiencing the rivalry in person and hopefully cheering on the Cyclones to victory! Having Labor Day off of school made this week so much more bearable. Although busy, I made it through it and learned some things along the way :) I also had some fun events and made some amazing memories with friends.

Today I bring you the second post in my new weekly series, "What's New," where I share with you the new things I've seen/heard/experienced each week. I hope you enjoy!!


One of my favorite things to discover is new music! Thanks to my sister's amazing taste in music as well as some poking around Spotify, I found some new songs that I was jamming out to all week.

"The Beauty Between (feat. Andy Mineo)" [Kings Kaleidoscope, Andy Mineo]

"The Woods - Evida Remix" [Majozi, Trésor, Evida]

"At the Heart" [The National Parks]

"Flowers On The Floor" [LANY]

"take me on" [joan]

WHAT'S NEW IN: Fashion- LOFT Sale

Loft has always been one of my favorite places to shop for classic and professional apparel. Currently they have some amazing sales going on and deals available. I have chosen and included some of my favorite items below!

Sweater 1 | Sweater 2 | Pants | Skirt

WHAT'S NEW IN: Television- Riverdale

The weekend is my time to relax. A couple of weekends ago, I had our whole apartment to myself and some time to kill (before launching into my homework of course) so I decided to start watching the show Riverdale. I had heard so much about this show and know many people who are obsessed with it. I had to know what all the buzz was about! I can know confidently say that I know why it was/is all the rage! This show has everything: mystery, crime, romance, drama, and more. I was hooked after one episode. I have finished the first season and now must eagerly wait until more episodes come out! I would highly recommend this TV show!

WHAT'S NEW IN: Accessories- Cuffed by Nano

I recently found Cuffed by Nano through Instagram. Their simple but meaningful cuffs and rings go perfectly with any outfit. They offer a wide variety of sayings/symbols that are engraved on the accessories. Some of my favorites include the cuffs saying "NEVERTHELESS SHE PERSISTED" and "GOAL DIGGER." I am so excited to be working with this company as a College Ambassador. Be on the look out for more about this amazing brand. And definitely check out their website (in the title above) for more information.

WHAT'S NEW IN: Faith- Book Quote

My dear friend Sami shared these amazing sections of Levi Lusko's book Swipe Right: The Life-and-Death Power of Sex and Romance. These parts speak straight to areas where I normally struggle and things that often occupy my thoughts. Now I want to go get the book for myself!

I hope you enjoyed the second edition of "What's New"! I'm looking forward to continuing to write them. Additionally, yesterday I had the chance to take some outfit photos with a wonderful friend. So, some new fashion-focused posts are coming your way! Until next time, GO CYCLONES!


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