Hot for Cold Shoulders

Happy Monday!! It is crazy how fast the summer seems to be flying by. As promised, today I bring you another post all about style! The photos from this post were also taken by my sister on the same day as our last shoot. So, the flowers and generally beautiful backgrounds are all courtesy of the UW-Madison Arboretum!

When planning out topics for my posts and therefore outfits to photography, I thought about the style of the clothes I had purchased/received recently. I realized that a lot of my shirts followed the cold-shoulder trend. I absolutely love the versatility and variety of this trend. I decided to highlight two of my favorite tops and just one of the outfits that are possible for each.

My first cold-shoulder top is white with a black trimmed ruffle. This shirt is from Francesca's and is made of a nice blouse-like material. The black stripes add another visual and the ruffle gives the blouse a feminine quality. The arm pieces have elastic and thus allow for movement and comfort.

I chose a pair of peach scalloped shorts and simple black sandals to complete the outfit. The fabric of the shorts add a necessary pop of color and a little texture. With my everyday jewelry, this outfit is both practical and classy.

My second cold-shoulder top is one that I got on sale at Dry Goods. It is off-white with a ruffle and my favorite part is the buttons up the back. The fabric is flowy and thin- so a bralette is the perfect addition.

To complete the outfit I chose one of my favorite pairs of shorts: blue and green with a geometric pattern. They add structure and interest to the simple top. I finished with neutral accessories such as a brown leather belt, my everyday jewelry (which you can read about HERE), a simple gold flower statement necklace, and my favorite monogrammed (because I'm a little obsessed with monograms) tan clutch. This creates an outfit that is completely me!

Moral of the story, you should definitely check out and try out the cold-shoulder trend for yourself. It is the perfect style for this summer and I know that I will be sporting these tops (if not these exact outfits) on vacation and plenty other times!

Here are a few of my favorite cold-shoulder style tops! Click the specific link below to shop!

Top 1 | Top 2 | Top 3 | Top 4 |

I hope you enjoyed this post because I loved creating it! Thank you for reading!


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