Classy Casual

Welcome back to my little happy place! Madison from Madison is just that, the place where I can write about the things that bring a smile to my face and share that with the world. I had so much fun taking the photos for my last style post that I wanted to make style posts more regular on the blog. Today was a beautiful day in Madison so my sister and I set out to explore the University of Wisconsin - Madison Arboretum. She recently got a camera of her own and wanted some tips for using it. I am so beyond lucky to have a sister who wanted to be behind the camera and was willing to put up with my requests for photos for this post. Shoutout and thanks to you Morgan! So enjoy this post with all the photos and stay tuned for more fashion focused posts in the coming weeks.

I would define my personal style usually as classy or preppy. However, sometimes a completely classic styled outfit is too much for an event or situation. Recently I have been in search of little additions/changes that can turn an outfit from too classy to classy casual. One of my favorites is the simple addition of a baseball cap.

I got hooked on baseball hats this past year because they allowed me to wear my hair down even if I was having a bad hair day. They also are the perfect casual accessory and also provide coverage and warmth in the cold. I have grown to love hats so much that I continue to look out for ones to add to my collection. The hat I chose to include in this post is a cardinal colored baseball cap from Barefoot Campus Outfitter (ISU) that has "go state" embroidered on the top. The color of this hat and the feminine lettering immediately caught my eye and I have found that it lends well to many types of outfits.

My summer classy outfit consisted of white oxford with navy polka dots, my favorite pair of jean shorts, and my cutout espadrilles. This oxford quickly became one of my favorites because of its unique print combinations. Especially in the summer heat, I love to roll up my oxford sleeves and this shirt features gingham print on the inside of the cuffs. I love this surprising mix of prints! You can find links to similar pieces at the end of this post. I accessorized with my favorite everyday accessories which you can read about HERE.

I added a skinny brown braided leather (holy adjectives!!) belt and my favorite grey cross-body bag from Forever 21. The fact that these accessories are both small ensure that they don't take away from the key/essential pieces.

Next time you're looking for an outfit that bridges casual and classy, try pairing a simple oxford with your favorite matching/statement colored baseball cap!

Thanks for reading and looking at these photos which where an absolute blast to take! I hope you can put my tips to use when looking at your own closet. As my cap says, "go state"!


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