Bucket List Summer 2017

Welcome (back) to Madison from Madison and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day celebrating the brave men and women who died fighting for the freedom we too often take for granted and those who are continuing to risk their lives for our sake. This summer I will still be posting once a week but sometimes the specific day will change from week to week. I am also hoping to create enough content to post more than once a week! So stay tuned, and I will try to post updates on when I will be publishing my blogposts.

This weekend I spent tons of time with my family celebrating my brother's birthday, cheering on my sister at her ultimate frisbee tournament, and watching a water ski show in town. I had the opportunity to check some items off of my summer bucket list and it got me thinking about writing down all of the things I truly wanted to do in these months. So, I sat down to design and fill a summer 2017 bucket list. This is the inspiration for this blog post.

After I had designed the image, I realized that other people may be interested in having a hard copy of their bucket list. So, I not only created my personal bucket list for this summer, but I also have an image with blank lines that you can print out and write on or insert into a document and place text upon it. If you like all of my ideas however, you can totally utilize my bucket list! I would be flattered :)

The picture I chose to utilize actually holds special meaning to me. I am lucky enough to have a close friend whose family has a boat on the lake. Last summer my friend group started going out on the boat to play cards while floating around the middle of the lake or while listening to music in the water by the University of Wisconsin Madison's Memorial Union. One night, after watching the sun set while on the boat, I came home and looked through social media before heading to bed. While scrolling through Facebook I stopped when I came upon the image I included in the Bucket List design. The University had posted the image of the sunset by the Union and at first I thought it was nothing more. Then, I saw the boat on the right hand side of the image. Looking closer, I realized that it was the boat that I had been on that very night! To me this photo represents everything that is summer in Madison, Wisconsin.

Here is my summer 2017 bucket list:

By the end of the summer I hope to complete all of these items or at least make a valiant effort! I hope to continue to update this photo and post to cross of items as I complete them, so be sure to check back if you're interested!

And here is the blank bucket list for you:

The sunset and waterfront make the image relatable so you can use this list whether you live close to Madison or not! If you wish to download it, right click on the image and either save it or open it in a new tab and print directly from there. I would love to hear if you decide to use my design for your personal or family bucket list!

Thanks for reading! I hope some of you will hold me to my list and participate in some of the activities with me. I can't wait for all this summer has in store.


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