A Snapshot of My Life

This week is dead week at Iowa State University and life is absolutely crazy! In the hustle and bustle of the end of school I can't help but feel as though my heart is in two different places. On one side I CANNOT wait to go home to the city I love and have time to relax alongside friends and family. However, on the other side, it is going to be so odd to not be living in close proximity to all of my closest college friends. I won't be able to just go across the hall for a deep talk or constantly be around tons of new people and many new opportunities. Overall I am excited for the summer but I already know that I'll be eager to get back to campus at the end of the summer.

For this week's Madison From Madison post I want to give you a snapshot of my life as told by my last five Instagram photos. I love the way that Instagram allows me to be creative and express myself, my style, and my life. These past couple of weeks have been awesome and I have the photos to prove it as well as the stories behind them!

This past Friday, I had spring semi-formal with Alpha Delta Pi! I wasn't able to attend our formal because I had already signed up for a different event, so I was more than looking forward to this one. My friend Harrison who I met through Salt Company was kind enough to be willing to attend as my date. We had tons of fun getting dressed up and dancing the night away. For this fun event I decided to wear my favorite color: navy. My off the shoulder, lace-neckline dress is from Boston Store (which I've learned is the Wisconsin equivalent of Iowa's Yonkers). I loved how free it let me be, I was completely capable of dancing and having a great time. Our semi-formal was held at a gorgeous winery close to Ames. I loved spending the night having fun alongside all of my sisters. I can't wait for more events to come. If you're reading this, Harrison- thank you for being the most amazing date! I had tons of fun!

I sadly couldn't spend this Easter with my family since I had only the weekend off and it would require my parents to drive a lot just to get me home for a short period of time. Luckily, my sweet friend Hannah offered to have me come home with her. She lives only a short distance away from ISU and I got to spend the weekend visiting both sides of her family. On one day I got to ride a tandem bike with Hannah, play with her cousins, and eat some delicious food. Then, on Easter day we went to church twice, visited with her grandparents, and ate another amazing meal! The whole weekend, her family was nothing but welcoming and loving. It was truly the second best way to spend Easter (after being home). I feel so beyond lucky to call someone like Hannah one of my closest friends. We laughed, we had deep talks, we watched movies, and we took a couple naps!

Whenever I look at this photo, I can't help but smile! I took this when one of my friends led me on a random adventure to a greenhouse on the roof of one of the buildings on campus. We got to just wander around and see all of the beautiful plants. These specific flowers caught my eye because of their Iowa State themed colors. These encounters, experiences, and adventures are some of my favorite memories from this year. Simply beautiful weather has the ability to turn my mood around and motivate me like nothing else. I will definitely keep this location in mind for anytime I need to unwind in the future.

While this photo was not taken recently (within this year), it does represent a very important event. A couple of weekends ago my sister visited The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. After returning home she committed to officially be a member of the school's class of 2021. I am so beyond excited for her to get started at the amazing college that both of our parents attended. William & Mary is where they met and thus we have visited many times before and seen all of the historic sights. Although I am sad that she will be many hours away, I can totally see her being extremely successful there. I am already looking forward to visiting her and to FaceTiming her often to catch up.

Finally, this photo was taken from a busy but fun day! Every spring Iowa State's Greek community hosts Greek Visit Day. For the Collegiate Panhellenic Council (the council that my sorority and many others are a part of) this day is an opportunity for interested seniors to experience life in a sorority, interact with active members, and tour chapter facilities. I had so much fun dressing up and talking to women about the chapter that I have grown to love! It made me so very excited for recruitment and finding the new members of our chapter. I can't believe that at this time next year I will hopefully have a little that I can bond with and care for. I loved spending this day with some of my closest friends (pictured above). They are a big part of the reason why I love ADPi.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my crazy life! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful memories I have been able to make in this first year at Iowa State and I can't wait for all of those to come. To see more of my Instagram posts, check out my profile HERE.

Thanks for reading!

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