Things That Make Me Smile & Laugh

Happy Tuesday!! I am publishing this VERY early Tuesday morning because I am so busy writing papers and finishing tons of assignments. This is the last week of regular classes before dead week and then its finals!! In an effort to write a quick but meaningful blogpost, I decided to write a list of things that make me smile and laugh! Amidst the stress, I try to remind myself of these things every once and a while!

1. Spending time with family.

2. Talking on the phone with my mom.

3. Writing for fun (such as writing these blogposts)

4. Listening to music.

5. Riding in the car with the windows down.

6. The feeling when the airplane wheels lift off the runway.

7. Being back with my best friend.

8. Going across the hall to catch up and vent with some of my closest friends.

9. Walking around my hometown.

10. Alpha Delta Pi

11. Watercoloring to destress.

12. Going back to Middleton High School Dance Team practices.

13. Hearing that people read my blogposts.

14. Hearing that people are impacted by my blogposts.

15. Taking photos with friends.

16. Cheering at sporting events. 17. Making a fool of myself.

18. Seeing prayers answered.

19. Being somewhere that feels like home.

20. Meeting new people.

21. Organizing my life.

22. Having coffee with friends.

23. Worshipping.

24. Shopping.

25. Movie nights.

26. Girl talks (even though I usually don't have much to say!)

27. Hanging with kids.

28. Teaching others.

29. Getting a good grade on a test after studying a ton.

30. Laying in bed after a long day.

31. The thought of what the future holds.

32. Seeing hard work pay off.

33. Randomly dressing up.

34. Going out to eat with family (DLUX).

35. The thought of being back home for the summer.

36. Dreaming of my future career.

37. Imagining my future family.

38. Studying things that I enjoy.

39. Finally finding my people.

40. Travelling.

41. Experiencing new cultures.

42. Holidays.

43. Traditions.

44. Reading for fun.

45. Having class cancelled.

46. Nice weather.

47. Iowa State and Ames, IA.

48. Personalized things.

49. Flipping through fashion magazines.

50. Watching videos I've taken from the past.

51. Slurpees from 7-11.

52. Virginia Beach

53. Nights alone.

54. Stupidly funny jokes.

55. Salt Company.

56. My sister.

57. Seeing my dad drive up to the dorm to pick me up.

58. Jamming to my Spotify on the drive home/to ISU.

59. Snacks.

60. Girls' nights.

61. Family game nights.

62. Doing something new.

63. Tailgating.

64. Watching my brother play all kinds of sports (and embarrassing him by cheering).

65. Sleeping in.

66. Compliments.

67. Bonfires.

68. Coffee.

69. 1-2-3-D-Team-HUH!

70. Volunteering.

71. Football.

72. Rom-Coms.

73. Anything aesthetically pleasing.

74. Opportunities that allow me to be creative.

75. My mom's chicken wild rice salad.

76. Comfy t-shirts.

77. Seeing prayers answered.

78. Having no homework.

79. Plans falling into place.

80. Boating with friends.

81. Watching sunsets.

82. Going for walks.

83. Planning.

84. Naps.

85. Using my creativity.

86. Meal bundles.

87. Hiking.

88. Puns.

89. Disney.

90. Seeing a cute couple.

91. Having some time to relax and watch TV.

92. Reading notes from friends and family.

93. Receiving mail.

94. Fresh starts.

95. Blogging.

96. Playing in the snow.

97. The Iowa State Cyclones, Wisconsin Badgers, and Green Bay Packers.

98. Being able to be completely and authentically myself.

99. Surprises.

100. When something exceeds my expectations.

Well, there you have it! 100 things that make me smile and laugh. There are without a doubt, hundreds more, but these are the ones I could think of! Thank you for reading this (if you made it this far). The thought of people reading my writing in itself is something that makes me smile! I urge you to make a list of the things that make you happy, doing this made me so much more appreciative of the things I have and experience.

Much Love, Madison Pincombe


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