Spring Style Options and Essentials

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of working with one a friends and Alpha Delta Pi sister to put together a piece on spring fashion for the Iowa State Daily. We also were lucky enough to get the assistance of an amazing photographer, Maddie, who worked some true magic. We were given the task of choosing a few spring wardrobe essentials and showing different ways that they can be worn.

For this Mondays with Madison, I will be writing a little about the elements that I chose but for Grace's looks and more, you can go to the article HERE.

My first pick was a pair of tan espadrilles that I got for my birthday. I love the detailing on the side, the tie up the front, the open nature of the shoe, and simply the fact that they are SO dang comfortable! I created two outfits to pair with this fun and fabulous shoe.

First, this shoe can be dressed up with a dress and a jean jacket. If you have read my blog in the past, or simply if you have paid attention to the photos used throughout it, you will recognize this dress. I find that it is the perfect combination of dressy and casual. It is extremely comfortable since it isn't formfitting, and the color just screams for spring and summer. Adding a jean jacket over top provides some warmth (which is necessary in Iowa right now as it is very between seasons) and adds some texture and color contrast to the outfit. I had so much fun goofing off in this outfit!!

For the alternative outfit, I paired the espadrilles with jeans, a statement tank, and an army green jacket (which you also may have seen before). I love how understated but still fashionable this outfit is. It is slightly dressed up but also comfortable enough to wear everyday. Color wise, this outfit includes mostly neutral tones but the individual pieces make it shine!

The second essential that both Grace and I chose was a jean jacket. If you know me and my style at all, you know that I absolutely LOVE jean jackets! The interesting but WONDERFUL thing about Grace is that although both of us love fashion, our styles are very different. Instead of each showing two ways to style a jean jacket, we decided to take photos together, each wearing a jean jacket within our style. For me, this meant pairing my dark denim jacket with black jeans, black ballet flats, a red cropped mock neck sweater, and my heavy pearl necklace. To me this outfit expresses the classic nature of my style.

I absolutely loved being creative, expressing myself, and taking some cute photos with this sweet soul! It was fun to experiment as well as see the ways in which our styles differ and are similar. I can't wait to hopefully work with her and Maddie in the future! I hope that you can apply some of these style tips to your spring fashion. Thanks as always for reading and following my journey, I TRULY appreciate each and every one of you.

Much love,



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