The Madison Behind Madison from Madison

Every once and a while I want to do a post focused more on who I am and what the purpose behind this blog is. This week's Mondays with Madison is just that: a way to get to know the Madison behind Madison from Madison.

Well, to start, HI and WELCOME! I'm Madison Pincombe, the creative "mastermind" behind Madison from Madison. I am originally from just outside of Madison, Wisconsin (hence the blog name) but I am currently a freshman attending Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. I am majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications and hoping to minor in Apparel Merchandising (fashion with the perfect mix of business and design).

To give you a little glimpse into who I am I have 10 fun/interesting/unusual facts about me!

1. The summer after my freshman year of high school I had the opportunity to travel to Honduras on a missions trip through my church's high school ministries. This trip challenged me in my faith as I encountered heart-breaking scenes of material poverty and as I had to overcome language barriers to foster genuine connections with the Honduran students and individuals I met. This trip pushed me to dive deeper in my faith, made me appreciate what I have and the tools that God has equipped me with, and furthered my passion for service and connecting with people. As this may make clear, my faith plays a HUGE part in my life.

2. I have been asking for a dog for my birthday, Christmas, Easter, you name it, since probably the day I learned the word "dog". I have always wanted a precious dog to call my own! Because I have been blessed with a family that values traveling and does whenever possible, I have always been told that it would be unfair to a dog. However, once I am older, I will definitely be getting a dog!

3. I am an avid planner and organizer. In my faith journey this has been testing as I find it difficult to surrender control and place all of my trust in God. In my everyday life though, this is illustrated in my desire to keep my spaces tidy and my love for and extreme use of my planner. I am currently using and filling every page of my Mini Happy Planner!

4. When I was in my sophomore year of high school, I entered a national dance costume design contest. I sent in a sketch of a beautiful purple dress and it was chosen to be part of the top ten! From here I bombarded friends and family to vote for my design on the Revolution Dancewear page for "Design Your Dream" (the name of the contest) and I made it into the top three. This meant that my design would be made into 1 actual costume and I won a trip to the company's headquarters in Chicago to tour their facilities, attend their costume fashion show for the year, and walk the runway with my design. I ended up getting third place so I didn't win the grand prize of actually having my costume be manufactured as part of their catalog but I was the youngest in the top three and just the experience for me was incredibly rewarding and emphasized and utilized my love for both fashion and dance.

5. The only bone I have ever officially broken is my arm. I fractured a bone in my arm when I was 2.5 years old. This is the embarrassing/odd part, I broke my arm playing ring-around-the-rosy. I was playing with one other girl who was taller than me and she whipped me around and we took "we all fall down" far too seriously and I ended up on the bottom!

6. I am EXTREMELY close to my family! When I am at ISU (a little over four hours away from home) I miss them everyday. Every week I look forward to our routine FaceTime sessions on Sundays. My younger sister (by 19 months) is my best friend. We are pretty different but we have never truly fought but rather have gotten along very well and hold each other accountable. My younger brother (by five years) is a sports fanatic and I have loved getting to cheer him on at his games as he has grown up. My parents are super supportive, loving, and I could go on and on. I was extremely close to my parents before college, but being away, long car trips to/from Ames with my dad, and random phone calls with my mom has made us even closer.

7. My initials are MVP :)

8. At Iowa State I am a part of Salt Company which is a Christian organization on campus and being involved in this has pushed me as a person and has encouraged and challenged me in my faith. I am also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and I am a reporter for the Iowa State Daily's Self & Style section. Through my sorority I have also had the opportunity to get more involved in the Greek community by being Alpha Delta Pi's representative on the Emerging Greek Leadership Council, and by being a member of the Fraternal Values Society. Needless to say, I stay busy!!

9. I love music! Although I enjoy really anything that I can dance to, I do like a few particular subsets of music and a few specific artists. For genres, I love electronic/dance music (nothing TOO crazy but beats that get me going), alternative/indie music, and Christian music. Some of my favorite artists are Seafret, Matt Simons, Sleeping at Last, Clean Bandit, Crowder, and Gungor. Check them out!

10. As I have mentioned, fashion is one of my many passions and is something that I am interested in pursuing in some way. I also love the way that I can express myself through what I wear everyday. My style can change based on the day but three categories that I often fall into are preppy, classic, and comfy- this has has become more apparent in college with early mornings and lots of homework :) Almost everyday I wear my monogram necklace and my Kate Spade watch as well as pearl earrings and a couple of bracelets. Dressing up is a phase that I definitely never grew out of!

I hope these facts/stories helped you to get to know me at least a little better!

As for the purpose behind this blog, I started Madison from Madison at the beginning of this year as a way to document the happenings of my life and my thoughts as well as practice my writing as I pursue my degree in Journalism. It has also served as a great way to keep my friends and family updated on my life while I am away. At the beginning of this semester I challenged myself to writing every Monday and so far I have! I hope to continue this and maybe even write some more here and there. It is my hope that the things I am writing are interesting to you, the reader, and maybe even helpful! In writing every week I have developed a love for blogging and I hope to continue to learn and improve.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading. It makes my day hearing from someone that they read my latest post. If you ever have a suggestion or comment don't hesitate to send me an email or use the contact form on the bottom of the "Introducing Me" page! I would love to hear from you. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Much Love,



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