Winter Feels

Winter is officially here and I officially have the winter feels! To change it up I decided to create a new Pinterest board devoted to the cold but comfy season.

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media sites. It is so creative and engaging! I have been using Pinterest for seven years and my account has tons of pins that I'm sure you would be interested in. If you aren't a user yet, head over the site and sign up. It is extremely easy and user friendly. You can find my profile HERE, and if you like what you see, don't hesitate to follow! If you follow me, my pins will show up on your home feed to provide some inspiration.

Back to the Winter Feels! As I searched for pins that embodied the feelings, activities, fashions, and look of the season, I recognized some trends in the pins and in what I was drawn to. So here are my specific winter feels for this year:

1. Cute Warm Socks

Tons of the photos included fashionable but cozy socks perfect for a day relaxing or for wearing under a cute pair of boots for the perfect outfit. I have already picked up some pairs for myself and I have found myself reaching for them each morning due to the cold temperatures here and Wisconsin as well as in Iowa! I look forward to adding some more fun seasonal pairs to my wardrobe.

2. Beautiful (and sometimes snowy) Scenery

These images make me want to take a hike into the woods or adventure into the cold. Although I would need to wear some serious layers, the gorgeous views and the memorable experiences would be well worth it. Additionally, these pictures make me long for the days and the weekends when I could just head out into the cold and play until I couldn't feel my fingers or toes and my only hope was sitting in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. I can't wait to have some of these moments in a modified fashion when I head back to college.

3. Chunky and Cozy Sweaters

If you have ever shopped with me, you know that sweaters are my thing. My mom used to be genuinely surprised if I came home from a shopping trip without a sweater in hand. Sweaters can be layered, can be statements by themselves, or can simply serve to keep the wearer warm. I was lucky enough to get some amazing new sweaters for Christmas that I can't wait to wear when I venture out into the cold!

4. Time to Relax

Some of my favorite winter times are the ones all cuddled up with some hot chocolate, a book, or hanging with friends. Any time to relax during such a busy season is treasured. Sometimes the best way to enjoy the snow outside is by looking out the window while under a warm blanket!

5. Bundled Up

Sometimes you just HAVE to go outside and brave the weather. In this case, why not look cute?! Cute coats, warm shawls, and many layers, make winter fashion like nothing else. I am always looking for pieces that are not only fashionable but also practical for combatting the elements. Then sometimes I actually look forward to the cold so that I can put my winter wardrobe to good use!

6. Accessorize with Flannel Scarves and Fun Hats

Oversized flannel/plaid scarves have become a huge trend lately. They add the perfect touch to any outfit but also provide necessary warmth. However, a winter outfit isn't complete without a fantastic hat. Hats come in so many varieties. There are holiday themed hats, patterned hats, hats benefiting a good cause, or just hats that are super warm. Whatever the hat or whatever the scarf, these two are essentials for the season!

These are only a few of the photos highlighted in my Winter Feels Pinterest board. I am excited to continue adding photos as the season progresses! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Much love,


* The photos featured are not mine


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