HATS OFF to Fall 2016

Over Thanksgiving break my sister and I went out and had a mini photo shoot to get some photos for an article I was doing for the daily and for some fun style posts on my blog. Morgan (my sister) did an amazing job with her new camera and I can't wait to share the photos throughout a couple of posts.

Not to long before my trip home, when I was shopping, I found a hat that I fell in love with. I have never been one to wear hats as a fashion statement but this hat may have changed me. I have been able to use this hat for tons of outfits but I especially like this one that I am going to share with you today.

First with the details! For this outfit I started with a long flowing lace detailed tank top which I got as a gift from my mom. I love the length of this top and how it is an easy but cute layering option. Since it was cool that day I paired it with my jean jacket (one of my closet staples). I love how versatile a jean jacket can be. See my article for the Iowa State Daily on this exact topic HERE.

For pants I chose my black jeans which I have found myself wearing a lot more recently. I bought these jeans interestingly enough for my job as a barista at Starbucks and I have been wearing them regularly ever since. I chose black jeans because I didn't want to mix blue denims by having my jean jacket and blue jeans. This is just a style preference I have so that I don't look like a walking denim ad!

Additionally, I added my brown oxford booties to add to the color palette and contrast the black jeans. I also recently got these booties and I have worn them A TON! Finally, I wore my new hat from Old Navy of course. Since this hat is in a neutral color it pairs well with so many pieces. I felt that it just gave this outfit a little extra something!

This outfit is perfect because it can be worn in either fall or winter. So although I'm saying "Hats off to Fall 2016," this outfit will be making a reappearance throughout the winter season. I can't wait to continue experimenting with how I can include this hat into my style and now I will definitely be on the look-out for hats when I am shopping!

Much love,



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