As I sit here writing this post I am waiting to be picked up from Ames to head home for Winter Break! This also means that I have finished finals and therefore my first semester at Iowa State is complete. So, I figured it might be fun to give you a list of all the firsts I have encountered so far.

1. My First Iowa State Football Game

I had so much fun throughout ISU Football season! The first game was certainly one to remember because I got to witness all of the traditions and learn all of the chants. Now whenever the Cyclone Warning sounds at the beginning of a game I get SUPER excited and hyped for the game. While our football team may not be too good (3-9 overall), it was fun to tailgate, hang with friends, and be apart of the season. Tailgating was also a new experience for me. I've only ever attended UW Badger Football games and at these games there isn't one huge area where people can tailgate prior to a game. At Iowa State there are parking lots upon parking lots leading up to Jack Trice Stadium that fill with cars, RVs, and all sorts of tricked-out vehicles even the night before a game. Leaving the dorms at 7:30 to go out to Tailgate was an interesting but extremely fun experience (shoutout to the Lunds for always hosting us).

2. My First FaceTime Dates with my Family

Although I have FaceTimed my family before, now this has become a regular event. Every Sunday at some point I take a break to call my family. Every time we talk I get to see and hear from every member of my family. We have shared a lot of laughs and I look forward to those times every week.

3. My First Iowa State Basketball Game

I just attended my first Iowa State Men's Basketball game last week and to put it simply, I'm hooked! I didn't originally have basketball season tickets but after this game I found someone to buy them from. I am now looking forward to attending many more games! It is incredible how much more fun athletics are to watch when you win :) I lucked out and got a free t-shirt, a rally towel, and a good seat. Also, one of my friends pressured me into getting my first Clone-Cone which is vanilla ice cream died red and yellow and swirled high with a cone on top.

4. My First Article Published for the Iowa State Daily

If you are interested in hearing more about my first article and the experience of being published, click HERE. Also check out the "Working Hard" Tab to learn about the other articles I have done and have been published!

5. My First Trip Home from College

Around 8 weeks ago, I had my first chance to come home. My grandparents drove up and visited me at Iowa State on Friday and then drove me home on Saturday morning. While I was only home for a little over 24 hours, I had so much fun seeing my town and seeing some amazing people. My family surprised me with a WELCOME HOME sign posted on the garage door and I was able to surprise some of my close friends as well. Although it wasn't long enough (I doubt any trip home will ever be), I had an awesome time and I felt so much more myself after going home. I can't wait to be home by the end of today!

6. My First Time Trying Caribou Coffee

I may have worked at Starbucks this summer and previously really enjoyed all things Starbucks but Caribou Coffee is centrally located on campus and takes Iowa State dining dollars so one day I figured I had to try! My first drink was a Caramel Cooler which is similar to a Caramel Frappaccino but I loved it SO much more! I have now transitioned to a Caramel High Rise which is perfect for cold days. On days when I take exams in the testing center and see a good grade after completion, I go and treat myself to some Caribou!

7. My First Trip to Des Moines

My wonderful roommate, Kaitlynn, was kind enough to take me home for the weekend and we had a blast! To read more about my trip to Des Moines, click HERE.

8. My First Salt Company Fall Retreat

To read more about my experience at the Salt Company Fall Retreat, click HERE.

9. My First Sorority Recruitment Experience.

Primary Recruitment at Iowa State was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I genuinely didn't know what to expect when our group walked up to the first house. Although at times it was overwhelming and stressful, I am so happy with where I ended up. I love Alpha Delta Pi and I love all of the people I met through recruitment and since then through ADPi or Greek life in general. I am looking forward to getting involved and obtaining leadership positions in the Greek community. Already this experience has pushed me to live my values and has opened me up to meeting tons of people of different backgrounds and values.

10. My First Philanthropy Event with Alpha Delta Pi- Chili in the Courtyard

For those of you who don't know, nationally Alpha Delta Pi's philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Twice a year our sorority holds philanthropy events benefitting this amazing organization. In the fall we host Chili in the Courtyard (because of our house's signature courtyard). I got to participate in this event by helping to clean up but I also attended the event at the beginning with two of my good friends who had bought a ticket to support the cause. It was so much fun to have them there supporting and to see the line of people who were willing and eager to help out (and get some delicious food of course). I can't wait for our spring philanthropy and for Chili in the Courtyard again.

11. My First Time Getting Very Sick at College

This one may not be fun but it is true. In this first semester I have gotten a horrible cold twice. I had a disgusting cough, then congestion, and then sinus pressure as well. The hardest part for me was being away from the comfort of my family and home. I called my mom multiple times when I was sick to ask what I should do and just for support. Although these two different weeks were hard and school was therefore difficult as well, I persevered and made it through it! Hopefully my immune system has now caught up to college life but if not, at least I know what to do and that I have made it through it before.

12. My First Time Taking College Finals

As mentioned before, I have now completed all of my first semester finals! I was lucky enough to not have many finals this semester and the finals I did have were easy and/or not cumulative. While this was true, I still did A TON of studying and had many projects to complete. Thankfully I feel pretty confident and am excited to see the results. I am also excited for next semester to begin because the classes I signed up for look to be pretty interesting.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,



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