Full Style Profile: Abigail Goeser

My most recent article for the Iowa State Daily was printed in the paper and online this past Wednesday and it is my favorite piece I have done so far!

When I was going through recruitment to be in a sorority, I was lucky enough to talk to Abigail Goeser at Alpha Delta Pi (the sorority that I now call home). I complimented her white jumper, she casually mentioned that she had designed and made it herself. I was immediately fascinated! As we moved on in our conversation to talk about future plans she told me that she hoped to one day own a sheep farm so that consumers could know exactly where their clothing came from. As I left ADPi that day, I knew that Abi was someone I wanted to know more about and grow close to.

So, when my editor for the Iowa State Daily offered me the opportunity to write a full-length profile featuring a student, their life, and their style, Abi was the first person I thought of!

After she agreed to being the subject of this profile and we scheduled a date to do the interview over coffee, I was as excited as ever. Through her answers to my questions and our fun conversation, I learned many more amazing things about her. This newfound knowledge made writing the article so much more fun! If you haven't read the article already, I would love it if you did!


Ultimately, I am so happy with how the article turned out. Friends, family, and Abi herself, gave me amazing reviews! Additionally, my article was on the Wednesday Top Ten for page views at #2 and stayed on the list on Thursday at #6.

I feel so lucky to have been able to have this opportunity to write as a freshman and that people are interested in what I am writing. Thank you to all of you who are reading my articles and supporting me! I can't wait to continue doing what I love and to hopefully get to interview more amazing and interesting people along the way.

Much love,



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