Falling in Love with Fall

Fall has officially... well kind of arrived in Ames, IA. Two weeks ago the temperature was in the 50s and 60s but last week it was much warmer (High 70s). Thankfully this week looks to have returned to that wonderful fall weather. If you know me, you know that I LOVE fall fashion! So in these few days of fall-like weather I have taken full advantage of the temperature and layered like crazy.

This outfit is one of my absolute favorites and it includes some of my favorite pieces.

On the cool fall days my favorite pair of jeans from Old Navy keep me warm while also adding some style. When it comes to jeans I love dark wash and one of my favorite things to do is cuff my jeans by rolling them up twice. This makes them perfect for wearing booties, converse or other high-ankle shoes with.

I add my white converse to this outfit for a kind of preppy and athletic feel. They also are perfect for walking around campus and getting to classes. With an overall dark, the white pops!

In my opinion, this outfit maximizes the potential for layering. While you can't see every layer in these photos I figured that I would explain everything that I'm wearing. The first layer is a navy button-up shirt with white polka dots from Old Navy once again. [Old Navy always has a great selection of basics- I would highly recommend making it one of your regular shopping destinations] Over the button up I wear a white sweater from American Eagle. This sweater is knit on the top and has a white ruffle on the bottom.I got lucky and found it on the sale rack! When layering these two items I fold the collar over the sweater and roll up the sleeves of the button-up.

The third layer is an army green jacket also from Old Navy. Something you should know about Old Navy is that for clothing other than jeans, they only carry regular sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) in store. If a customer returns a jacket size "Medium Long" in store, it is automatically marked at 50% off. For someone like me, this worked out perfectly! So stay on the look out for "Online Size Only" discounts such as this.

The final element to this outfit is a plaid knit blanket scarf that I purchased from Forever 21. This scarf is extremely large and super warm. I love the mixing of prints with the plaid of the scarf and the polka dots of the button-up. The navy throughout ties it together.

This outfit is both a fall and winter staple as the many layers truly keep me warm (sometimes even too warm and I end up taking some of them off)! Additionally, the elements can be manipulated and swapped for others to create a variety of options. I can't wait to continue experimenting with layers and expressing my style on campus.

Much Love,



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