One Down, Many to Go: My First Article for the Iowa State Daily

For those of you that don't know, one of the many things I have gotten involved in on campus is the Iowa State Daily. This student newspaper was just named the best one in the whole country by the Society of Professional Journalists. I am currently working as a Lifestyle reporter and absolutely LOVING it! I am finally getting the chance to be published and do what I hope to do for a career.

Exactly a week ago my first article for the Iowa State Daily was published online and last Wednesday it was published in print. This article, called "A planner isn't the only organization option," investigated different organizational techniques students use, why they use them, and how effective they are. I wanted to expose student readers to many organizational options to potentially aid them in choosing and using one.

One of the most fun parts of writing this and beginning my experience as a reporter was the fact that I got to choose what I wanted to write about and see it from the concept stage to the printing stage. Each week I look forward to my individual meeting with my editor because I get to propose my ideas for future pieces and begin planning out my articles.

Each day the Iowa State Daily team records the number of digital page views, unique views, and average view time for each article. Thanks to ISU student readers, and my friends and family my article got #5 on this list (ranked based on digital page views)! This is a HUGE accomplishment especially since it was my first article. So, thank you!

I have some new articles and projects in the works and I am so excited about them. Stay tuned for more articles from me!

Much Love,



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