Five Weeks Down: Highlights of the Beginning of Freshman Year

With my fifth week of classes complete (including 2 exams this week), I figured that I should give you all a snapshot of what I have been up to here at Iowa State University.

I have officially been a resident of Ames, Iowa for seven weeks and these weeks have been jam packed with activities and course work.

For the first seven days of my time I was going through Iowa State University's Primary Recruitment to become a sorority member. Until a few weeks before I moved in early, I wasn't sold on the whole sorority experience. I thought that it wasn't for me, that I wouldn't be the right fit for a sorority, and that it would be too much of a time commitment. However, after much consideration I realized that I valued the opportunity to get to know many amazing women that I could call my friends and sisters and the access to community service projects above all of these things. After tireless days of touring all of ISU's sororities and making decisions each night to dwindle down my choices, I left preference night knowing that I would find my home at an amazing chapter. Bid Day was an experience like no other, one I will truly never forget. Ten minutes before the Campanile (a famous bell tower on campus) would chime to signal the hour, the envelope containing my bid card was placed at my feet. When the Campanile rang I frantically ripped open the envelop, saw Alpha Delta Pi and ran to find the members greeting the other women and I. Sorority life has far surpassed my expectations and has definitely kept me busy. I have loved meeting people and participating in fun events such as Serenades and more! Here are some pictures from my time so far:

Soon after Bid Day, campus organizations began kicking-off and it has been so fun to get involved. I immediately attended the church at Cornerstone and kickoff for The SALT Company, its campus Christian ministry. Despite the fact that my roommate, Kaitlynn, and I had talked about trying out a couple different churches to find the one that was the best fit, leaving service at Cornerstone the first time, we both agreed that we had found our home. The SALT kickoff event was held in a huge open space on campus and they had a large stage set up with lights and screens. It was one of the most amazing experiences as I was able to grow spiritually and worship amongst thousands of other college students. Since then I have gotten involved in a connection group that meets every week in my dorm building and I have been attending church service as well as SALT large group. I have already learned and developed so much and I can't wait to continue this. Recently I even had the chance to attend the Freshman Retreat through SALT. Here are some pictures from SALT:

I have also gotten involved in the Boat House Apparel Style Council, and the Iowa State Daily. Boat House Apparel is a clothing brand founded in Iowa. The Style Council is a group of 50 college students that assist in the brand's social media and marketing, merchandising, design, and organization of pop-up-shops. As a member of the Social Media and Marketing team I get to assist in photo shoots and promoting the business. This organization perfectly fits my interests and studies, making me so excited for the future. I also recently was offered a position at the Iowa State Daily, the student newspaper, as a Lifestyle reporter. After going through two weeks of training I received my first assignment and this first piece should be published in the next coming weeks. I’ll keep you all posted!

Finally, I have had so much fun going to my first Cyclone football games. While we may not be the best team, the atmosphere is AMAZING and undeniable. We just won our first game today (vs. San Jose St.) and to be in the stadium watching such a great game was a memory I'll never forget. It is so much fun to get dressed and ready and go out and tailgate with my friends before sitting in our spots at Jack Trice Stadium. While I have and love tons of pictures from the games, here are a few of my favorites:

College life has been crazy but SO much fun. Each day I am learning so much and meeting people that I know will be in my life for a long time. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people and to have been given so many awesome opportunities. I am definitely finding it increasingly difficult to be away from home as many of the Iowa residents are able to return home. But this just makes me so much more excited for the next time I will get to see my family and when I will get to go home.

So, if you have made it all the way down here, THANKS! I hope you enjoyed the update on all things Madison! Thank you to everyone who has sent me letters during my time here, It honestly makes my day to receive mail from the people I love (if you would like my address, please use the contact form on the "Introducing Me" page and I will get back to you asap). Thank for reading and thanks for all of the continuous love and support.

Much love,




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