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As a student intern with Goode Girl Media, I get a well-rounded look at magazine journalism work from a freelance perspective. The work consists of a wide variety of projects including, but not limited to, project management for whole magazine issues; propping and producing photo shoots (in studio and/or on location); writing magazine stories for titles such as Do It Yourself, Modern Farmhouse Style, Before & After, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Birmingham Home & Garden; finding suitable pick-up photography and text for various titles; assisting a blogger/author by editing, book mapping, and pitching a decorating book to agents/publishers; and more. Visit GoodeGirlMedia.com for more information.


One of twenty students from across the country selected for the American Society of Magazine Editors' (ASME) 2019 summer internship program. Placed at The Knot to help develop editorial content for theknot.com and theknotnews.com.

Better Homes & Gardens (MAP)


I was one of ten apprentices selected by the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication for the Meredith Apprenticeship Program for the 2018-2019 school year. I worked two days a week in Des Moines, IA with Better Homes & Gardens' Home Design team to research, pitch and produce content for the monthly print publication.


Social Media Strategy (ADVRT 497K)

In the fall of 2019, I took ADVRT 497K: Sports and the Media in a Digital 24/7 World. Throughout this class we learned from guest speakers in the sports media industry. For our final project we got to select any topic we were interested in as long as it related to something we learned in the class. We had to include insight from a subject-matter expert, either someone we had heard from in class or someone in our network. My interest in social media and the strategy behind it led me to select it as the topic of my project. I based my project on comparing the strategy of the Denver Nuggets and The Knot's social media. I interviewed Andrew Temperly, Social Media Manager for the Nuggets, and Whitney Little, Director of Social Media for The Knot Worldwide, for this project and then applied my knowledge to the social media for ESPN College GameDay.


Influencer Marketing (JL MC 391E)

In the fall of 2019, I took JL MC 391E: Social Media Influencer Marketing. This was a weekend course for which we met in person for a Friday night and all day Saturday to learn about the world of social media influencers and the ways brands work with them to market their products or services. We then completed a final group project and paper on an influencer campaign of our choice. Because of my knowledge of influencers and influencer campaigns, I suggested my group focus on the collaboration between Steve Madden and five different bloggers. I led our group in creating an informative paper and a presentation that we shared with our professor.


Trend Magazine

For two consecutive semesters I served as the Fashion Editor for Iowa State University's Trend magazine. In this position I managed a staff of fashion writers, edited content for our monthly online issues and wrote one story for each semester's print edition of the magazine.

Spring 2018 Print Issue- Access Full Magazine HERE

For the clean aesthetic of Trend Magazine's 24th issue (Spring 2018) I chose to write my piece on the trend of capsule wardrobes. I selected this topic after observing it in many blogs and magazines I follow. I referenced and quoted the blogger behind this movement to add information to this piece. You can read the piece or look through the entire magazine using the link or PDF above. 

Fall 2017 Print Issue- Access Full Magazine HERE

For my piece for Trend Magazine's 23rd issue (Fall 2017) I chose to interview and profile a girl from my hometown and high school who is now a very in-demand model, Lex Herl. I wrote questions, composed her answers into an article and worked with her agent to get professional photos to include. You can read the piece or look through the entire magazine using the link or PDF above. 

Online Issues- The magazine is currently transitioning the platform these are stored on. 


Branded Package

In the fall of 2017, I took JL MC 316: Introduction to Digital Publishing. Over the course of the semester, we had to develop a concept for a company and then design and produce materials for that company. After consulting with my professor, I decided to use this blog as my company and take the opportunity to refresh and add unique visuals and functionality for the first time since I launched it. I utilized Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create graphics and materials for my blog. By the end of the semester I had created new logos, business cards, letterhead and envelopes, a media kit to send to business in hopes of collaborating as well as a “look book” with my fashion photos. I have continued to utilize these enhancements on my blog following the completion of this course.


Apparel Development

In the fall of 2017, I took AMD 131: Overview of the Fashion Industry. In this course we completed a product development project for a company in Iowa called Alex + Abby. This project included creating a mood board, trend board, product sketches, technical specifications as well as a final presentation of all of this information. We were given the opportunity to present our concept to the company's owner. 

Mood Board and Trend Board

Our mood board expressed the overall theme or vibe we wanted our pieces to follow. Alex + Abby is an activewear company with clothing for the active and hardworking woman, so this was our target market. We decided to also focus on active mothers focused on health and the color purple since the owner had identified this as a color that had sold well in the past.

Our trend board was developed after completing market research and consumer interviews. From these things, we determined that our customers needed pieces that could be worn to the gym and throughout the day. They were conservative but willing to have a little fun and take a few risks. Finally, they needed cute but most importantly, comfortable and practical. 

Product Designs

I personally created the designs/sketches for our group's projects. I started with flats from the Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) design library. I then transformed these basic sketches to meet our ideas and desires. Additionally, I added color to fit the garments to our theme. 


ISU Homecoming 2017

Throughout the fall of 2017, I was a member of CySquad. CySquad is a team of students that assist in making Homecoming run smoothly. I was the designated public relations CySquad member. In this role I got to make promotional designs for homecoming events, utilize social media to advertise during Homecoming week and help with other events such as tournaments, competitions and the Pep Rally.


Iowa State Daily

[Fall 2016-Spring 2017]

As a freshman, I wrote twelve fashion-focused articles for the nationally acclaimed Iowa State Daily newspaper’s print and online publications.

"Spring Trends with Trend's editors-in-chief"

4/19/2017 (Print) 4/18/2017 (Online)

Ranked 3rd in the week's top ten. Had 2,393 pageviews and 744 unique pageviews.

Online Only


"Fashion Show emcee auditions this week"

3/6/2017 (Online)

"Six picks for women's spring style"

2/27/2017 (Online) 

"Essential oils to get you through finals"

12/7/2016 (Print) 12/4/2016 (Online) 

"5 ways to wear a jean jacket"

11/28/2016 (Online) 


"Style Watch: Monograms"

10/1/2016 (Online)

"Share the Love: Love Your Friends"

2/14/2017 (Print) 2/11/2017 (Online)

"What to Wear to a Career Fair" LAS/Design

2/1/2017 (Print) 1/28/2017 (Online)

"5 ways to commemorate your 2017"

1/17/2017 (Print) 1/12/2017 (Online)

"Morning Routines of Influential Cyclones"

11/15/2016 (Print and Online)

"Changing the Fashion Game"

11/2/2016 (Print and Online)

Ranked 9th in the week's top ten. Had 2,731 pageviews and 1,289 unique pageviews.


Dance Team Uniform Design

I was a member of the Middleton High School Dance Team for all four years of high school. During this time I served as the Junior Co-Captain, Senior Captain and Choreography Committee member. Knowing my love for the team and fashion, in the fall of 2017 my coach asked if I would be willing to assist in designing a new pom uniform/costume for the team as they would be traveling to nationals to compete. She needed to have an idea for their uniform before beginning work with the company. I created and drew many different ideas before she decided on one to bring to the company to design. 

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