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This code of ethics applies to my education and experience in journalism and mass communication and apparel merchandising. As I pursue a career in the magazine journalism field, this code of ethics will continuously remind me of my values and point me toward persistence, truth, and fairness.


  • I value people as they are, and I desire to connect with them in an effort to better understand their identities.

  • I value relationships. I will prioritize my friends and family while also connecting with my co-workers. I will be known as someone who is hard-working, dependable, and kind.

  • I value the ability to be creative and innovative. In any position I assume, I must be able to express myself while never ceasing to learn and experiment. 

  • I value my faith. While my faith is an extremely large part of my life and my value system, I will come to work with an unbiased point of view.

  • I value the freedom of speech as detailed by the First Amendment and will exercise this freedom by remaining observant and sharing my opinion for the good of the people.


The role of a journalist is an important one, but it is not easy. I know that I will experience triumph and failure, success and rejection, clarity and confusion. Throughout my career I will diligently pursue comprehensive and accurate information. I will do whatever it takes to completely convey stories with an unbiased perspective. I will not be afraid to ask for help or answers to any questions I may have. I will speak up so that my voice may be heard. I will live up to the responsibility I have as a journalist, a co-worker, a family member, and a person. 


Today, I believe one of a journalist's highest priorities is to act and write honestly, accurately, and with transparency. While temptation and deception may surround me, I will thoroughly investigate the details of a story and practice fact-checking. I will only write my own words or those of my sources, and I will correctly cite sources. I will avoid conflicts of interest that may cause unbiased reporting. Additionally, I will periodically set aside time to recognize my identities and biases and the ways they may prevent me from being objective. 


I will treat everyone with respect regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social class, job title, race, ethnicity, political values, religion, or ability. I believe that no person should be at an advantage or disadvantage for those identities they cannot control. As society continues to evolve, I will do what's necessary to learn and stay up to date. I will utilize a neutral perspective when working and writing.