Modern Farmhouse Style

My boss at Goode Girl Media serves as a contributing editor for Modern Farmhouse Style. I have contributed pieces to the spring 2021 and summer 2020 issues of this bookazine. I have produced and written two "Get the Look" pieces and a "Hallmarks of Modern Farmhouse Style" piece. For the front of book "Get the Look" pieces, I brainstormed a list of potential products to include, researched available products, requested high resolution images from public relations contacts and wrote the copy for the piece. For the "Hallmarks of Modern Farmhouse Style" piece, I brainstormed a list of potential hallmarks and searched the media cloud for images available for reuse. After the final hallmarks and images were selected, I wrote the corresponding copy for the piece.

Modern Farmhouse Style - Spring 2021

Modern Farmhouse Style - Summer 2020