Iowa State Daily

[Fall 2016-Spring 2017]

As a freshman, I wrote twelve fashion-focused articles for the nationally acclaimed Iowa State Daily newspaper’s print and online publications.

"Spring Trends with Trend's editors-in-chief"

4/19/2017 (Print) 4/18/2017 (Online)

Ranked 3rd in the week's top ten. Had 2,393 pageviews and 744 unique pageviews.

Online Only


"Fashion Show emcee auditions this week"

3/6/2017 (Online)

"Six picks for women's spring style"

2/27/2017 (Online) 

"Essential oils to get you through finals"

12/7/2016 (Print) 12/4/2016 (Online) 

"5 ways to wear a jean jacket"

11/28/2016 (Online) 


"Style Watch: Monograms"

10/1/2016 (Online)

"Share the Love: Love Your Friends"

2/14/2017 (Print) 2/11/2017 (Online)

"What to Wear to a Career Fair" LAS/Design

2/1/2017 (Print) 1/28/2017 (Online)

"5 ways to commemorate your 2017"

1/17/2017 (Print) 1/12/2017 (Online)

"Morning Routines of Influential Cyclones"

11/15/2016 (Print and Online)

"Changing the Fashion Game"

11/2/2016 (Print and Online)

Ranked 9th in the week's top ten. Had 2,731 pageviews and 1,289 unique pageviews.